Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ghana Part 2: The Trip of a Lifetime

After two months of crazy adventures including, but not limited to, treading through sewage flooded streets, 100 mph insane taxi rides, tro tros, extreme rain storms, mosquitos, spiders, flies, malaria, constant power outages, and two trips to the hospital….. we are home!

I know that makes the experience sound like a nightmare, but honestly it was the experience of a lifetime. I saw more and learned more in these past two months than I have in my entire life. That sounds really silly and dramatic. I know. I can’t explain it all and pictures don’t do it justice, but it was amazing. We hope to go back one day.

Auntie! LOVE that woman.

Elmina Slave Trade Castle

Whole Group. Prom pic style
The Last 3
University of Ghana MEI Event
Our Neighbor Buddies

Our Street in Kumasi

Church in Kumasi
Our Last Meal- Red Red

Bonwire Kente Village

Rain Storms


Client in Tudu 

Kukum National Park

Typical Day in Accra

Slipping Under the Bride (FC: Rebecca Loveland)

View From the Hostel

Boats in Cape Coast

Flooding in Darkuman
My Custom Made Dress

Going Home!
 Now off to our next adventure on Monday. Japan here we come!!