Friday, January 8, 2016

Still alive over here...

WOW. It has literally been 3 months since I posted a single thing on here. I guess I just didn't really have much to say for the last little while. Lots of wonderful things happened. Also, lots of prayer and worry for what would come next for us. It's easy to post when we were living in England or spending a summer in Africa. Those things are exciting! That's what the world tells us is worthy of writing about or reading. But to be honest, it was a wonderful 3 months. Not very eventful for the most part. A few exciting things here are there. Marcus got engaged! (Olivia... *In "She's the Man" Voice* ;)) My parents moved to Washington - RIP Bull Mtn house. Most of all we loved to spend time at home with our families. Sunday dinners. Game nights. Ping pong tournaments. Star Wars movie marathons. It was all so great. More than great actually. I cried when we left. I'm slowly been turning into an actual female that does that sort of thing.

So since the "transition" period is over it must mean we have found our next step. Right you are! Just a short month or so ago Austin was offered a job doing international development with an electronics company in Utah. I know, I know. As we were driving here Austin's literal words were, "I cannot believe we are moving back to Utah..." It's funny how the Lord's plan works. We're here though, and we are embracing it. We will have a home base here, but we will most likely be shipped overseas (so us, right?) in the coming months for extended periods of time.

Also, we got a new camera for Christmas! We still have no idea how to use it, but hey, we'll get there.