Thursday, March 9, 2017

Women, Equality, & Infinite Worth

Yesterday was International Women's Day, I guess? I was seeing all sorts of "women power" posts on social media. To be honest, sometimes I cringe a little when this topic comes up. Combine this with the topic I'm studying this month, individual worth, and these thoughts were dying to get out of my head.

Before I go into this here's what you need to know.

1) I realize this is an unpopular opinion in today's world.
2) Don't get me wrong, I am all for strong women. I honestly believe women have real power, purpose, and force in this world.
3) This is just my opinion from my own experience. I recognize not everyone in the world has the same rights and privileges that I have.

So here it goes...

Sometimes I feel like women overcompensate for the inequality they feel. There ends up being overcompensation in the form of degrading men and completely abandoning our strengths as women. Again, unpopular opinion... But I honestly believe we were designed differently than men for a reason.

I think lots of women honestly don't feel of worth. That is just heartbreaking to me. I never want my daughter to feel that way! I always want her to know that she has infinite worth, and it isn't defined by most of things we seek in this world.

D&C 18:10 - "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God."

Some of the strongest women I know are the most humble. They lead by example. They are constantly reaching out to others and selflessly serving. They are developing their talents, whatever they may be - and no that doesn't just mean cooking, sewing, or raising children. I GET that. 

"Feelings of worth come when a woman follows the example of the Master. Her sense of infinite worth comes from her own Christlike yearning to reach out with love, as He does."
-Russell M. Nelson

I guess what I am trying to say here is that we don't need to overcompensate. We don't need to be the same as men. We are different for a reason! Equal, but different. We are of infinite worth, and we possess strength beyond belief. Let's embrace that!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

7 Months


You are weighing in at 14 lbs, wearing size 1 diapers, and 3-6 month clothes. You are becoming more animated and active everyday. You are wanting to crawl but don't have the arm strength just yet. You do this head tilt, smile combo that just melts our hearts. You are loving bath time. You still sometimes cry when people who aren't mom & dad hold you... or even look at you haha. BUT you're getting much better! You are beginning to hold your own bottle! You are improving at eating solids (mostly veggies, and a few fruits), but still a complete mess after. You are starting to babble actual words! (I'm convinced you're trying to say "mama" but it sounds more like "blah blah" or "dada"....) We love you as much as ever, Little V! 

I finished nursing this month and I'm still feeling a little guilty about it. My supply had dwindled so much and V honestly preferred the bottle. I have been sick so my workout routine has gone down the drain, but my scripture study is going strong! (Individual worth this month). I'm trying to focus on not judging- myself and others. I'm coming to realize a big part of that is not comparing. This advanced tech/social media world has us programmed to compare ourselves to everyone and everything around us.  I'm trying to unplug more and appreciate what I have around me.