Thursday, June 23, 2016


Austin and I have been walking this path of marriage for four years now. Oh, how time flies!! I wanted to write a little tribute to Austin and our time together. Along with a few little things I’ve learned along the way.


I can’t say how great it has been for us to travel and live abroad. It forced us to establish our relationship outside of our individual families/friends. We had no choice but to rely on the Lord and each other. There have been many times we were stuck in a train station, or in the middle of a random city in Europe just absolutely winging it. We generally don't have a clue what we're doing, but we always figure it out together. Austin helps to fuel my adventurous side all while being my calming presence. I always know that because I have him, we will be okay.


Molding two lives together and establishing a new family unit can be tough. You have to include another person in every aspect of your life– finances, living quarters, jobs, etc. Austin is one of the most relaxed people I know though, and I love that about him. He’s made all of the changes that come with marriage pretty easy. We have both had to compromise, but he makes it so much easier. I say easier, because as we all know compromise takes sacrifice and sacrifice isn’t meant to be easy.


Not many people know this about us but in April of 2015 we had a miscarriage. Although I wasn’t too far along, I don’t think I could have ever prepared myself for the dramatic highs and lows the experience brought. I remember sitting in our tiny English flat being flooded with every emotion you can image… but above all, I felt peace. The Lord has a plan for each of us and I knew that. I knew He loved me. I knew this was just something we had to go through. I also know that wasn’t the only hard thing we will have to go through together. These things make us stronger, and through it all Austin is always there -for the happy times, the trials and everything in between. 


We are total goofs. Bottom line. I know I can say or do anything with this guy and he will love me no matter what. He's an introvert and likes to recharge alone, while I am an extrovert who loves to be out an about or with people. We are a nice balance for each other. He's my favorite and there is never any shortage of fun with him. We're best friends and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Happy 4th Anniversary, Aust! Love you foreverrrrrr

Monday, June 20, 2016

33 Weeks & Counting...

I know it's still a little early to be counting down, but we are just so excited. 49 days left, 49 PEOPLE! It's so soon!!

How far along? 33 weeks down, 7 to down. Hard to believe!

Baby growth and progress? 19 inches & about 4.5 lbs. A honeydew melon they say... (I've never understood where they get these fruit measurements from).

Body/Weight Gain? Quite a bit! Sitting for long periods of time is pretty uncomfortable now. I know it's only going to get worse from here so I'm just taking it a day at a time!

Sleep? Some nights are better than others. I think I have perfected the art of sleeping with 3 pillows in different positions around my body though. Who needs to spend money on a pregnancy pillow anyways!?

Emotions? Feeling way more emotional these days. Almost cried when I saw Lebron's reaction to their win last night... haha

Food cravings? Still just really hungry! But my stomach is basically pushed up to my throat now so lots of smaller meals and snacks are key. 

Maternity clothes? Are pretty much the only thing that fit me now. It really is amazing how fast your body grows. Clothes I could wear just a few short weeks ago no longer fit. Our little girl is growing and it's so great!

Stretch marks? Shockingly enough, nothing yet! But there is still 7 weeks left. We shall see.

Anything make you queasy? Riding in the car. And sometimes if I'm scrolling and staring at my phone screen for too long... haha is that weird?

Movement? Oh yeah! She's a moving machine and my ribs are FEELING IT. Austin said it looks like there is an alien inside of me sometimes.

Exercise? Walking almost everyday still. I want to get back into swimming too. Being weightless is $$$$.

Gender? Her nursery is looking reaaaaal pink, so we're hoping it's still a girl.

Memorable pregnancy moments? I was at target the other day and some random lady told me how pretty I looked. Seriously, how nice was that?? I don't really think I have that pregnancy glow people talk about, but it was nice to hear when you feel so completely not yourself.

Favorite thing about being pregnant? The thought that we are going to have a little girl join our family in just 7 weeks. Our lives will be changed forever and we can't wait.

Bought anything for the baby yet? Almost everything we need! We still need a few smaller things, but we are so close to being ready for her. Exciting purchase this week: I FINALLY got my hands on the Oh Joy! for Target backpack diaper bag. I've been trying to get it for weeks. Every time they are restocked they sell out so quickly! And it's only $40, which is cheap for a diaper bag.... ridiculous if you ask me! 

Looking forward to: Seeing Austin become a Dad :) 

Here's to the last 49 days of pregnancy!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

A letter to my high school self

I wish I could go back
& tell myself these things.

Chalk it up to coaching high school girls or becoming a mom in the next couple months, but here are some things I needed to hear (interlaced with a few throwback pictures for your viewing pleasure).

Be kind.
Everyone around you is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Keep that in mind the next time you’re hurt or offended. You have no idea why people do what they do. You can’t ever control anyone else, but you can control your own actions. No one will ever accuse you of being too good a friend, too kind, or too generous.

You are of infinite worth.
It can’t be defined by your clothes, grades, looks, date to prom, etc. You matter beyond all of those things. And so does everyone around you. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.  

Be nice to your parents. They love you above all else.
(My mom never lets me forget that I was the only child to ever tell her I hated her. HATED. How awful is that?? Sorry, Mom. You know I love you and appreciate you more and more every single day.) They set rules and guidelines because they love you.  They don’t punish you because they want to make your life miserable. Those guidelines are there to keep you safe and happy. And if they do punish you, you probably did something to deserve it. 

Your teachers & coaches want you to succeed.
It’s really easy to hate someone who challenges you, especially as a teenager. Most teachers and coaches aren’t doing what they do because of the money. They do it because they genuinely care about you and want you to thrive. When they push you they are molding and shaping you into a better student, athlete, and person. Cut the attitude, embrace it and rise to the challenge.

You are privileged.
You need lunch? Here. A car to get you to and from all of your activities? Done. Oh, and you need someone to pay for all of those activities? And come support you and be your biggest fan? Check. Believe it or not you have everything you’ll ever need to be happy and healthy- and more. Be grateful.

It’s only going to get harder from here… so enjoy it.

You think your life is hard now? Try again. Growing up comes with a lot of responsibility. ENJOY your time now. Be happy! There is plenty of time to grow up and be an adult later.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Summer Hiking

The weather is warming up here which means we are getting outside more! Last weekend we did a short little hike by our house up to Battle Creek Falls. It was Memorial Day so the trail was packed as ever, but it was still nice to get outside.

Today we went up Little Cottonwood Canyon planning to hike up to Albion Basin where we hear there are fields of beautiful wildflowers. The gate was locked until July 1st though.... oops. So we improvised and did another hike in the canyon - the trail to White Pine Lake. There was still snow up there so we didn't make it all the way to the lake, but it's okay! Next time!

Special shout out to my husband for joining me on these various adventures. I know it's not always his first choice but he's an all-star and I love him for it.