Monday, February 15, 2016

Baby C: 1st Trimester

As you may have heard by our announcement we are expecting a little one in August of this year! We are quite honestly over the moon about it. I am also excited to finally start sharing some of my thoughts about this journey.

**Before I go on though, I know this is a very sensitive topic for a lot of people. Both people we know and plenty of others we don't. We have been wanting this baby for a little bit of time now, but I know many others who have waited/continue to wait much longer than we did. I remember the sting of what felt like a new pregnancy announcement every single day. Take heart, people. Love and prayers your way. 

How far along? Today I am 15 weeks. But who's counting, right? ;) I'll answer these questions about everything leading up to this point.

Baby growth and progress? Baby C is the size of my fist this week! 3.5-4.5 inches long with a strong and healthy heart beat. 

Body? Total weight gain?  It looks like I'm showing but I think it's 80% bloat and 20% baby. I lost weight in the first trimester and am now back to my original-ish weight. Maybe with a couple extra pounds? I'll let you know after my next appt.

Sleep? Waking up a ton and I have to pee most nights. I get to sleep in these days though. Embrace it while I can, I say!

Emotions? I'm not an extremely moody person in the first place, so I don't think much has changed? (Although Austin might have something to say about this...) I do find myself holding back tears quite a bit more though. "Touching" commercials. Cute pictures. You name it. 

Food cravings? Not much. Okay, actually nothing. The first trimester was a little rough on the food front. The last week or so though I've been able to eat more than carrots and lemon water. On the up and up??? I hope so! :)

Maternity clothes? I've bought one shirt so far. Lots of my clothes are baggy so I think I will be able to hold off for a while. Maybe? We'll see. 

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. It's early. Honestly though I'll take anything for this baby :)

Anything make you queasy? Like I mentioned earlier everything but carrots and lemon water for a while there. But hey... sick me means healthy baby and I couldn't ask for anything more!

Movement? Nope, not yet. Sometimes I think I feel something and then it's a gas bubble. TMI? Pretty typical these days.... haha

Exercise? I love how I feel when I'm active. I have been SLACKING so hard on this though. For a while there I was lucky to get outside and walk. People told me exercise would make the nausea fade but it honestly made it worse. I know how beneficial exercise is for baby, pregnancy, and labor so I'm getting back into it. It feels so good!

Gender? Truthfully, we kind of wanted a boy first because we have a killer name picked out. Is that bad? But we are more than thrilled either way! At my last appointment they said it looks like it could be a girl!! But not to quote them on it because it was still a little early. We will see. Don't you worry though, we have an adorable girls name picked out too :)

Memorable pregnancy moments? Finding out! We are so humbled and grateful. It's all just very exciting still. I don't think that really ever goes away? Also, hearing/seeing the heartbeat was both amazing and a huge relief.

Favorite thing about being pregnant? Knowing that there is a human growing inside me! And that human is equal parts me and Aust. It really is an amazing thing...

Bought anything for the baby yet? We have received a couple things from family members. I'm sure the purchases will increase once we know the gender. Talk about overwhelming though.... SO much the world tells us we "need" for that baby. I've got a few tips from friends but any other tips or advice would be MUCH appreciated!!

Looking forward to: Showing! (and not just bloat haha...) And finding out if Baby C is a boy or girl!!