Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beachin' & Preachin'

This past fews days we had the opportunity to head to the beach with our friends, Rachael & Matt Gregson! There is just something about the open air, sand, and waves that gets me thinking. No better place to write it down than here, right?

No matter who we are or what stage of life we are in - we all have weaknesses. And I don't mean chocolate or french fries. I am referring to flaws in our minds and hearts.


Every day we go about our lives trying to be a little better, and every day we are challenged to give in to these flaws. After all it's easy to be prideful and harder to be humble. Easy to be selfish and takes effort to serve others. Easy to be envious, and more difficult to have gratitude. But these are the traits that matter! 


How easy it is to focus on our flaws though- because we are constantly striving to improve and constantly falling short. No one on this earth is perfect. We all miss the mark on something. 

Because of this, 
we need to be kind.

Kind to ourselves. Kind to others. 
We are all trying in this world and wouldn't it be nice if we all recognized that a little more? 

I can not for the life of me ever figure out how to line the pictures up nicely.
Sorry, all you OCD people out there...

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Long Hair Club

The long hair club. 
It literally takes years to be initiated. 
And once your in, you have nightmares about being kicked out. 
Oh, just me? 
But seriously. I've posted before how changing my hair gives me anxiety. 
Like that time I got serious bangs or that other time when I used Walmart product to go brunette. 
By some miracle, in these instances everything turned out and I actually loved both of those styles! But in case you haven't noticed, change seems to be a frequent friend in my life and it was time.

So, worried that officially expelling myself from the long hair club would leave me with feelings of deep regret, I contemplated the decision for quite a while. 
A long while...
 I think Austin just stopped responding after a couple months.
"Would this cut look good?" 
"HEY! Look at THIS picture!"
"Is this too extreme?"
"Oh, wait is this going to look terrible??" 
Thanks for the support, Aust! 
After much debate and lots of research (aka: weird virtual haircut websites. It's a real thing people) I took the plunge and chopped it off! 

But first... I compiled a bunch of pictures of my long hair to commemorate, (yes, I said commemorate) my years as a member of the LHC. 
Weird? Yeah, but it's a pride thing. 
All you LHC ladies out there know what I mean. 
Am I right?

 Hold out for the big reveal at the end. 

 Annnnndddd the reveal. 
I know this doesn't qualify as short to most people, but it feels so short to me!!