Saturday, January 17, 2015

Paris, Barcelona & the BEST Surprise Ever

For our Christmas present this year we treated ourselves to a week in Paris & Barcelona. We did it all! From the Eiffel Tower on NYE to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. We had a blast! I'll let you see for yourself...

 MASSIVE macaroons! 
Side note: I am aware that my attire is completely ridiculous here.... It was COLD. 

 Happy New Year!

 Lots of metros and crepes

Locking our love on the Pont des Arts

 The most fancy meal of our lives!

 aww the Louvre...

You could spend days in that place...

 Notre Dame

Next we took the train down to Barcelona!

 La Pedrera

                                                                                                    Sagrada Familia

Antonio Gaudi pretty much owns Barcelona...

Not a phone... touristy audio guide.

Gaudi for the win... again. House of Bones.

A little beach time. 65 degrees will do.

View of Barcelona from Montjuic

 The Magic Fountain & 3 Kings Christmas Parade 

We had an absolute blast. A trip we will never forget!

Now on to the "Best surprise ever" part...
Mr. Austin Cornilles' Birthday.

My birthday was going to be tough to beat. London and Wicked was pretty epic. It just so happened that Austin's dad was going to be doing business in Europe the week of his birthday, AND the Ducks were playing in the national championship game that night (kick off at 1:30am here). It worked out perfectly to have Rob come surprise Austin for his big day and watch the game with him! I sneakily emailed Austin's professor and asked if I could surprise him in his class. It played out wonderfully... I came in and announced his birthday, the class sang, and Rob popped in at the end with balloons. Austin was shocked. It was perfect.


  1. So fun!! Love that you both get this opportunity to travel and live in Europe!!

  2. Your attire is NOT ridiculous! I LOVE the hat! You need to submit the picture with you wearing the hat in front of the Eiffel Tower to the Blazers 'Wear in the World' contest!