Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You know how you make decisions and carefully plan your life out just the way you want it? And then things happen that scream, "Hey, remember that cool plan you had? Oh yeah, just trash it." Story of my life.

I graduated from BYU with a degree in Recreational Therapy. I thought I would get a job with some great hospital or rehab center, and become this amazing Rec Therapist. In reality, I sat a home for a good month searching for ANY job. Let alone a Rec Therapy job...

And now I am working at a real estate agency. Right now I work as an assistant to a realtor but, I am currently working on getting my real estate license. Soon, I will be a licened realtor and I will be working as a Buyers Agent for the Dan Kennedy Real Estate Team. It's going to be a new experience that calls for lots of hard work. I can't wait.

From Recreation Therapy to Realtor? I guess that's life.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Today is January 12th, Aka: Aust's birthday!!!!!!!! This post is dedicated to my wonderful, handsome, kind, patient, amazing husband. I love him so much. He means the world to me. 

Happy Birthday Honey!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well, it's official! I finally worked up the courage to go dark! The process was quite an adventure. I have been contemplating it for a while because highlights are not cheap. If I went dark I wouldn't has a much upkeep. Also, Austin wanted me to do it AND I have an amazing friend Abby who said she would do it for me!!

So, yesterday Abby was coming down to Provo and I made the decision to do it. Scaaaaary. We went to Walmart... yes Walmart, classy. We know. We bought two boxes of hair dye and headed home to get it started.

Main fears:
1) Walmart hair dye
2) My hair turning orange
3) Looking gothic

We tried a little section underneath just to make sure it would turn out okay. Best decision we've ever made! (It was purple.... Iced Mahogany Brown to be exact). Needless to say, we went back to the store and got a different color.

Try # 2. It went much better. We chose "light brown" this time. Abby carefully covered my entire head of hair with foamy dye. We waited 20 minutes and BAM! Here's how it turned out. It's going to take some getting used to, but I like the change!

Special thanks to Austin, Abby, & Marcus. Couldn't have done it without you guys :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Last year was really an amazing year. I got married. Graduated from College. Won Nationals with my team. Pretty amazing.

I want to make 2013 great too! I figure if I post my New Years resolutions on the world wide web maybe SOMEONE will read them and hold me accountable.

Here they are:

1) Work out HARD at least 4 times a week. I usually work out pretty regularly but sometimes I am lazy and don't push myself very hard. Why even work out if I'm going to be lazy about it??

2) Read the Scriptures everyday. If it's only a verse or two some days.. that's okay. We're all human.

3) Play the guitar at least once a week. I have one and I like to play, I just don't do it very often.

4) Learn to crochet. Inspiration from the Sis/Grandma.

5) Plan/cook 3 legit meals a week. It's harder than it sounds. Pasta is always so easy for me!

6) Go to the Temple at least every month- with our without Aust. It's hard for me to go without him... I'm a baby, I know.

I also like the idea of having a fun "to do list" for the year:
  • Go wakeboarding this summer. I didn't go AT ALL last summer. Tragedy. 
  • Visit Arches and Zions National Parks
  • Color my hair brown- I have to work up the courage.
  • Go camping with Aust
  • Hit the mountain with my snowboard
  • Get/make decorations for my "office" at work. It's really more of a nook. Pinterest?
  • Bake more- cinnamon rolls, cookies, bread, whatever sounds good
  • Keep blogging!
  • Hang with my brother a ton while he's at BYU
  • Learn to dance with Aust
  • Hike Timp- although I HATE hiking. It must be done.
  • Be the best primary teacher I've ever heard off. 
Bring on the year! 2013 babyyyyy!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Our First Christmas

We had the most lovely Christmas Break!

Short Version:
We got to attend two blazer games. We had Meyers Leonard over for dinner. If you don't know who he is... be a better Blazer fan. We had lots and lots of game nights, tons of family bonding time, and a ridiculous amount of food. SO GREAT. This was the hardest time I have ever had leaving! It was our first Christmas and I LOVED it! Having two families is the best. It's fun to be in this new stage of life. Still newlyweds just enjoying it and making memories.

Get ready for a photo dump!


 Meyers gave Chadd signed shoes after the game!

 Opening stockings/presents at the Russells! Yes, we get cereal in our stockings. Sorry, I didn't take many pictures of this.

New Years with these handsome men. Notice the pea coats.  Also, Casey made that headband for me. I swear it looks much better when I look like a normal person.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!! New Years Resolutions to be posted soon...