Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1 Month

In case you don't follow me or Vienna on Instagram. I'm starting a monthly project that I saw and fell in love with - #projectYouandMe.

I made a little change to personalize it though:

Every month I will post an update on our lives, and how we are changing and growing. 

V: You are so strong. You are lifting your head like a champ and can wiggle your way out of almost any swaddle. You love to have your hands by your head and face. You have tons of hair. (Even though it's falling out in front.) You take FOREVER to feed, but you like to hold my finger when you do, so I tolerate it :) You love it when daddy sings to you. You recognize mom and dad's voices. You are very alert and aware of your surroundings. The "hairdryer" sound always quiets you down when you're fussy. You have the biggest and loudest poops haha. You usually sleep a 3-4 hour stretch at night. Everyone who meets you immediately loves you and thinks you're beautiful.

ME: Recovering well and ready to get exercising again. Breastfeeding and supplementing with a little formula and feeling good about it. Somehow surviving on minimal sleep. Getting "ready" about once a week. Itching to get out of the house at least once a day. Almost back down to my pre-pregnancy weight! Woot! Thinking about chopping my hair off. Not getting anything done around my house. Completely in love with you.

On a more hilarious note:

My sister-in-law made this adorable set up to take pictures at Vienna's month marks. I didn't get around to taking pictures on her actual month mark because, well, #momlife. Sooooo we did it a couple days late. 

We tried real hard to make it cute but there were a few obstacles... I couldn't do it until evening, so the lighting was terrible. It's so big I couldn't get high enough for a decent angle. Basically it was a complete fail that turned into V screaming and messing up the flower "wreath" that I never got around to making haha. Real life, people.

It was a valiant effort.