Friday, June 10, 2016

A letter to my high school self

I wish I could go back
& tell myself these things.

Chalk it up to coaching high school girls or becoming a mom in the next couple months, but here are some things I needed to hear (interlaced with a few throwback pictures for your viewing pleasure).

Be kind.
Everyone around you is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Keep that in mind the next time you’re hurt or offended. You have no idea why people do what they do. You can’t ever control anyone else, but you can control your own actions. No one will ever accuse you of being too good a friend, too kind, or too generous.

You are of infinite worth.
It can’t be defined by your clothes, grades, looks, date to prom, etc. You matter beyond all of those things. And so does everyone around you. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.  

Be nice to your parents. They love you above all else.
(My mom never lets me forget that I was the only child to ever tell her I hated her. HATED. How awful is that?? Sorry, Mom. You know I love you and appreciate you more and more every single day.) They set rules and guidelines because they love you.  They don’t punish you because they want to make your life miserable. Those guidelines are there to keep you safe and happy. And if they do punish you, you probably did something to deserve it. 

Your teachers & coaches want you to succeed.
It’s really easy to hate someone who challenges you, especially as a teenager. Most teachers and coaches aren’t doing what they do because of the money. They do it because they genuinely care about you and want you to thrive. When they push you they are molding and shaping you into a better student, athlete, and person. Cut the attitude, embrace it and rise to the challenge.

You are privileged.
You need lunch? Here. A car to get you to and from all of your activities? Done. Oh, and you need someone to pay for all of those activities? And come support you and be your biggest fan? Check. Believe it or not you have everything you’ll ever need to be happy and healthy- and more. Be grateful.

It’s only going to get harder from here… so enjoy it.

You think your life is hard now? Try again. Growing up comes with a lot of responsibility. ENJOY your time now. Be happy! There is plenty of time to grow up and be an adult later.


  1. Love you so much! Brought tears to my eyes! Can't wait for you to be a Mom & to be a Grandma! You will be great parents!💝

  2. That is such an awesome picture of you and Austin. It's still so funny to me that you guys knew each other for so long.