Monday, June 20, 2016

33 Weeks & Counting...

I know it's still a little early to be counting down, but we are just so excited. 49 days left, 49 PEOPLE! It's so soon!!

How far along? 33 weeks down, 7 to down. Hard to believe!

Baby growth and progress? 19 inches & about 4.5 lbs. A honeydew melon they say... (I've never understood where they get these fruit measurements from).

Body/Weight Gain? Quite a bit! Sitting for long periods of time is pretty uncomfortable now. I know it's only going to get worse from here so I'm just taking it a day at a time!

Sleep? Some nights are better than others. I think I have perfected the art of sleeping with 3 pillows in different positions around my body though. Who needs to spend money on a pregnancy pillow anyways!?

Emotions? Feeling way more emotional these days. Almost cried when I saw Lebron's reaction to their win last night... haha

Food cravings? Still just really hungry! But my stomach is basically pushed up to my throat now so lots of smaller meals and snacks are key. 

Maternity clothes? Are pretty much the only thing that fit me now. It really is amazing how fast your body grows. Clothes I could wear just a few short weeks ago no longer fit. Our little girl is growing and it's so great!

Stretch marks? Shockingly enough, nothing yet! But there is still 7 weeks left. We shall see.

Anything make you queasy? Riding in the car. And sometimes if I'm scrolling and staring at my phone screen for too long... haha is that weird?

Movement? Oh yeah! She's a moving machine and my ribs are FEELING IT. Austin said it looks like there is an alien inside of me sometimes.

Exercise? Walking almost everyday still. I want to get back into swimming too. Being weightless is $$$$.

Gender? Her nursery is looking reaaaaal pink, so we're hoping it's still a girl.

Memorable pregnancy moments? I was at target the other day and some random lady told me how pretty I looked. Seriously, how nice was that?? I don't really think I have that pregnancy glow people talk about, but it was nice to hear when you feel so completely not yourself.

Favorite thing about being pregnant? The thought that we are going to have a little girl join our family in just 7 weeks. Our lives will be changed forever and we can't wait.

Bought anything for the baby yet? Almost everything we need! We still need a few smaller things, but we are so close to being ready for her. Exciting purchase this week: I FINALLY got my hands on the Oh Joy! for Target backpack diaper bag. I've been trying to get it for weeks. Every time they are restocked they sell out so quickly! And it's only $40, which is cheap for a diaper bag.... ridiculous if you ask me! 

Looking forward to: Seeing Austin become a Dad :) 

Here's to the last 49 days of pregnancy!!

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