The Story So Far

It went a little like this.

September 2000: Little Callie Russell and Austin Cornilles were in the same home room class at Hazelbrook Middle School. We weren't BFFs or anything, just acquaintances.

I wish I could say that we fell in love then and were childhood sweethearts. That wasn’t exactly the case. Flash forward to our senior year of high school.

November 2007: Austin is dating my good friend. By good friend, I mean best friend. Yes, this happened. Judge me. This is really where we started to become friends though. When your best friend is dating someone that you approve of, you get to know them fairly well. Flash forward a couple months- they broke up. It happens.

June 2008: We graduated from Tualatin High School together. Planning to hang out A TON since we were both headed off to BYU.

February 2009: Austin left for a church mission to Mesa, AZ. We had hung out a total of about 2 times.

February 2011: Austin is home from his mission. Yayyy! We talked on and off as just a friends for a while.

The next couple months are a blur of :
“Do I really have feelings for Austin Cornilles?”
“Is it weird to date one of my good friends?”
"Will my best friend hate me?"
“What if we break up and never talk again?”

September 2011: Unofficially officially dating. Who needs labels, right?

January 2012: I love you.

April 2012: He asked. I said yes. Did I mention it was April Fools Day? That went well when we told everyone.

June 2012: Married for time and all eternity.

Sept 2014: Moved to Birmingham, UK for Austin's studies.

January 2016: Austin accepted a job in Utah. Back to Utah we went!

August 2016: Welcoming our sweet baby Vienna into this world.

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