Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Boy or Girl???

YAY!!! As we were leaving the appointment Austin said, "No makeup until she's 16." The Dad reflex is already kicking in!

And a little 20 week update...

How far along? Yesterday was 20 weeks. Half way there!

Baby growth and progress? 5.5-6.5 inches! She is growing like a little weed and it makes my heart so happy :)

Body/Weight Gain? I'm finally showing! Although Austin said it's hard to tell if I'm just getting chubby or am pregnant. I wasn't weighed at my ultra sound but I can for sure say I'm gaining weight. Yay for being hungry again!

Sleep? I'm peeing a lot during the night but I'm getting solid sleep still.

Emotions? Becoming more of a girl with every passing day... Hormones for the win!

Food cravings? Everything. And what a welcome change that it is!!! I am hungry again people, and I can actually eat without feeling like I have to hurl. 

Maternity clothes? I got a few things from friends and my dearest mother took me shopping. THANKS MOM!! Ps, why doesn't everyone wear maternity pants all the time? They are heavenly. 

Stretch marks? Nothing yet. It's early. Honestly though I'll take anything for this baby :)

Anything make you queasy? Some foods still sound nasty but it's night and day compared to the first trimester.

Movement? YES! It is the coolest thing! I feel her all the time now. She's not very strong yet so we're still trying to have Austin catch it from the outside. We'll get there I'm sure.

Exercise? Back at it! I'm not exactly running like I used to but I am at least trying to walk a few miles everyday. 

Gender? GIRL!!! I have to admit we kind of wanted a boy first, but we are so beyond ecstatic with a girl. Let the shopping commence!

Memorable pregnancy moments? Finding out initially, of course! And then finding out we are having a little girl :) She was moving live crazy at my 20 week scan. Everything about it was adorable. 

Favorite thing about being pregnant? It's still knowing that there is a human growing inside me! And she is  equal parts me and Aust. It really is an amazing thing...

Bought anything for the baby yet? We got a crib a few weeks ago! Slowly but surely we are getting there. 

Looking forward to: AUGUST!!!