Saturday, January 5, 2013


Last year was really an amazing year. I got married. Graduated from College. Won Nationals with my team. Pretty amazing.

I want to make 2013 great too! I figure if I post my New Years resolutions on the world wide web maybe SOMEONE will read them and hold me accountable.

Here they are:

1) Work out HARD at least 4 times a week. I usually work out pretty regularly but sometimes I am lazy and don't push myself very hard. Why even work out if I'm going to be lazy about it??

2) Read the Scriptures everyday. If it's only a verse or two some days.. that's okay. We're all human.

3) Play the guitar at least once a week. I have one and I like to play, I just don't do it very often.

4) Learn to crochet. Inspiration from the Sis/Grandma.

5) Plan/cook 3 legit meals a week. It's harder than it sounds. Pasta is always so easy for me!

6) Go to the Temple at least every month- with our without Aust. It's hard for me to go without him... I'm a baby, I know.

I also like the idea of having a fun "to do list" for the year:
  • Go wakeboarding this summer. I didn't go AT ALL last summer. Tragedy. 
  • Visit Arches and Zions National Parks
  • Color my hair brown- I have to work up the courage.
  • Go camping with Aust
  • Hit the mountain with my snowboard
  • Get/make decorations for my "office" at work. It's really more of a nook. Pinterest?
  • Bake more- cinnamon rolls, cookies, bread, whatever sounds good
  • Keep blogging!
  • Hang with my brother a ton while he's at BYU
  • Learn to dance with Aust
  • Hike Timp- although I HATE hiking. It must be done.
  • Be the best primary teacher I've ever heard off. 
Bring on the year! 2013 babyyyyy!!


  1. Check dying your hair brain off that list. Also, Timp is the hike of death. I almost died hiking that sucker. But then again, I almost died at Wal Mart too.

  2. Hey what about the Mom who bought you the crochet kit for Christmas, and got you both to the temple in Dec.!! Just saying I'm a pretty good Mom!