Monday, June 10, 2013


Change can be hard. Change can also be really exciting. In the context of hair, change is scary. See previous post. With that said, I got bangs! And we are not talking about any of that wimpy side swoop stuff. We are talking full on Taylor Swift, Zoey Deschanel, FRONT bangs.

Judge me if you will- but it was a nerve-racking decision! I have a real job and need to look all professional, so I had to take that into account. Also, I still wanted my husband to like me so his approval was necessary. I most definitely didn't want to look like a toddler again (you know you had those bangs when you were 5). All very valid concerns if you ask me. This was the result!

Yes, these are seflies........ in the bathroom.

At times I get anxiety because I know it will take about 10 years for these babies to grow out. For now- I love them!

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