Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Love You Day!

Valentine's Day gets much better when you are married people. I promise. It was great to have solid plans and feel extra loved all day. Even though I know he loves me everyday ;)

Here's a little snippet of our evening... better late than never, right?

Side note: We had reservations for La Jolla Groves. We got there early and there were at least 50 people in the lobby waiting for their table. Needless to say we left... annnnnnd went to Tucanoes. End result: NO wait, FREE chocolate covered strawberries, & a rose! Fabulous day.

Yay love!


  1. Um. Hello. You look super cute. I love the blazer and peter pan collar - my favorite combo! So, I want to make a blog request! You need to make a post about the your yummy cinnamon rolls you make! Seriously, like step by step pictures and the whole shebang because I want to make them!! Also, do you have a follow button thing? I am blog retarded.

    1. Oh well aren't you just so sweet?? Thanks girl! I will for sure do the cinnamon rolls. I am all out of flour right now but next grocery run and I'll load up! Also, I don't think I have a follow button. (I'll work on it... haha)