Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Everything in Its Place

There are times in my life when I misplace things, forget things, and sometimes completely lose things. This happens more than it should. One item that I never want to misplace, forget, or completely lose is my wedding ring. I usually take it off at night when I sleep, but I don't always put it in the same place. This leads to heart attacks in the morning when I seem to have misplaced my ring. I saw this great idea on Pinterest that is the perfect solution to my problem. I decided to be crafty and make one of my own.

What you need:

  • Frame
  • Scrapebook paper or fabric
  • Hook (I used a button)
  • Glue gun

I planned on getting a cheap frame from DI or Goodwill but I found this gem at Hobby Lobby and couldn't pass it up. The scrapbook paper was cheap and HL has every option in the world. The hook was the hardest thing to find. I could not find ANYTHING that didn't have to be screwed in. I found the button and decided it was much cuter anyway! 

This little project was so easy I don't even need to provide steps... but I will just in case :)

1) Cut the paper to the right size and put it in the frame. I got a nice little surprise here when the glass in my frame was permanently attached. I just put the paper behind the glass and decided I would glue the button directly on the glass.

2) Warm the hot glue gun. Glue the button/hook on the frame with enough space for the ring to hang down. 

3) Wait for it to dry and hang your ring. Easy!

Here's how it turned out. I love it!

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