Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"The Beach"

I realize at this point people reading my blog (probably just loads of people) think we are the most spoiled individuals alive. Mexico, Ghana, Japan.... blah blah blah. Well disclaimer: here's yet another update on our ridiculous summer. In our defense though, this was just a mini weekend away.

Austin's family has an epic beachfront house in the Lincoln City area. Please understand though when I say "the beach" in Oregon, even in the summer, there's no guarantee there will be sunshine. Lucky for us, we a day or two CLOUD FREE. It was a wonderful few days of games, kite flying, yummy food, and family. YAY BEACH!


Flying Kites
First Timer ^^^

The Boys

Beautiful Sunsets

I promise our lives will now be relatively boring for the next month or so.

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