Monday, July 27, 2015


Oxford is one of the most intriguing places I have ever visited. I didn't fall in love with the city like I did Amsterdam, but I am downright fascinated by every part of it.  We went 100% tourist on our visit, which i highly recommend. We took a guided walking tour of the city and learned the ins and outs of everything it had to offer.

We were surprised to find out the university is made of of 38 independent colleges. When students apply for Oxford they apply to one of the 38 colleges and do all of their studies through it. These little colleges are stunning "mini campuses" with their own elegant dining halls, living quarters, and chapels. There are gorgeous gardens, intricate iron gates, and cobble stone streets making up every college and every street. It's really a magical place!

You can't read it but through the gates on the building (their examination center) is written the motto of university - Dominus Illuminatio Mea or "The Lord is my Light." I love that. 

 Numerous scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed in Oxford. They also took inspiration from the city to build sets for places like the great hall. So technically we walked the staircases and wondered the halls of Hogwarts!

Look familiar?

We also got to see some brilliant ancient artifacts... A chalkboard written by Einstein displaying equations for diameter, expansion, and age of the universe (yes, I had to wikipedia that because I couldn't remember). He lectured at Oxford and someone was smart enough to save the board and frame it. We were also lucky to be in town when the Magna Carta, published in 1217, was on display. Finally, we saw a copy of the Gutenberg Bible. One of the most valuable books in the world! Amazing stuff.

I couldn't get over how amazing this place was so I decided to apply there for my masters!! 
Jokes... I wouldn't get in, so I just bought a sweatshirt instead. 

Also, 4 days until we leave England.... Where has the time gone???

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