Friday, May 6, 2016

Baby C: Oregon Shower & 3rd Trimester

It has been an eventful week or so! Austin is out of town (traveling for work in Africa) so I decided to fly home to Oregon/Washington. It is still weird to say that my parents no longer live in Oregon, even though it's just right over the river in Washington.

While I was home my dear friend Marci threw me a Baby Shower! Of course she went all out. It was such a fun evening. Thanks for all who attended! And a special thanks to Marci for hosting and planning... seriously it was SO FUN!

Testing baby food! haha

 So many gifts... thank you everyone!! & HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY!!!

Pregnant twins! Last photo before Baby Hunt arrives :)

 THANKS again Marci!!! :)

Now for a little pregnancy update...

How far along? 26 weeks and 4 days. Hello, 3rd trimester! 13 weeks left?? HOLY COW!

Baby growth and progress? 9.2 inches. Eggplant status... or so they say. And 2 pounds!

Body/Weight Gain? She has officially made her appearance. All my normal clothes are too tight. I've gained 13ish lbs so far. Right on track!

Sleep? Still getting it. So that's good.

Emotions? Maybe it was a bad idea to binge watch Parenthood while pregnant? Waterworks.

Food cravings? Nothing specific. I'm just so hungry haha. All. The. Time.

Maternity clothes? Are a DREAM. That and oversized t-shirts.

Stretch marks? Rubbing on that body butter veerrrrrry liberally. So far so good. It's only a matter of time though...

Anything make you queasy? Not much anymore. And thank goodness for that!

Movement? Every single time I lay down she decides to do gymnastics. It's still cute at this point. I still can't believe there is a human inside of me. It blows my mind!

Exercise? Walking is my go to. It's not running, but it's something!


Memorable pregnancy moments? Austin felt her kick for the first time and it was the most precious thing.

Favorite thing about being pregnant? The end result :)

Bought anything for the baby yet? We are on the ball! We have a crib, mattress, rocking chair, clothes, diapers... we are getting there! We got such nice things from our shower. We're getting excited!!

Looking forward to: AUGUST! 

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