Monday, August 1, 2016


It's August 1st, which means no matter when she comes it is BABY MONTH! 
I'm 39 weeks today and feeling more than ready to have her here. 
My (hopefully) last pregnancy update follows, along with a nice review to remember this all by! 
(For journaling purposes more than anything). 


How far along? 39 weeks!!!

Baby growth and progress? 20 inches & 7 lbs.

Body/Weight Gain? 23 lbs. Hopefully I won't gain anymore!

Sleep? The worst. Peeing about a billion times a night.

Emotions? So irritable these days! And excited, nervous, anxious. Shall I go on? haha

Food cravings? Still craving sweets. I'm not going to pretend like I haven't eaten an ice cream sandwich a day for the last week.... oops.

Maternity clothes? Do any other type of clothes exist?? 

Stretch marks? NOTHING! I'm shocked as ever. Hopefully they don't appear in the next week or so.

Movement? Yes. All the time still. It's so fun to feel little parts of her body now. Elbow, hand, foot? We are never sure, but we like to guess anyway.

Exercise? Still trying to walk a little bit each day. It's getting harder and harder!

Memorable pregnancy moments? Coming to realize she will be here so soon. We're talking SINGLE DIGIT DAYS SOON! (hopefully...)

Looking forward to: HER ARRIVAL!!

Photo Journal

12.1.16 - Finding out! (It's actually kind of gross but it's also the most exciting thing when you pee on a stick and finally get a plus sign!!)

12.24.16 - Announcing to our family

3.21.16 - 20 weeks & starting to show

4.20.16 - 24 weeks

 5.23.16 - 29 weeks

6.19.16 - 33 weeks

 7.13.16 - 36 weeks

 8.1.16 - 39 weeks

Things I won't miss:
  • Going to the bathroom a billion times a night
  • Waddling
  • Sore feet after walking for approximatley 5 minutes
  • Nausea & fatigue (although the fatigue is going to get worse haha)
  • Everywhere you go... "Oh, when are you due? What are you having? What are you naming her? How much do you weigh? Did you conceive her naturally?" (Okay, the last two are a stretch but sometimes it can get a little too personal...)

Things I will miss:
  • The bump. Aka: my shelf
  • Feeling her little movements
  • Having an excuse to sleep/eat as much as I want
  • Random strangers doing nice things for me because I am whale sized

  • She comes out a he. I mean, you saw her nursery...
  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Can we really do this whole parenting thing??? 
  • Adjusting to life changing forever as we know it
Excited about:
  • Seeing what our combined genes whipped up 
  • Introducing her to family & friends
  • Making all of our family aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas for the FIRST time
  • Baby cuddles
  • Finally getting to use the nursery
  • Seeing Austin become a dad
  • Learning & growing 

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