Friday, August 4, 2017

12 months

V: YOU ARE ONE!! We can't believe it... You took your first steps this week! Yayyyy! Your favorite foods are bananas, hummus, watermelon & cheese. You point at everything and say "Dad." You like to mimic things we say. You LOVE to dance. You are headstrong and stubborn at times. You love to hold our hands and walk around the house. You also love to climb on anything you can reach. Your top two teeth are coming in, which means you're a little more grumpy and you sleep a TON. We have your one year check up next week, but our home scale says you weigh 17 lbs on the dot, fully clothed. You are still just a tiny thing. You hate sitting still and love to explore everywhere we go. You love the bath, pool, and splash pad... our little water baby! We love you so very much!!

Me: I am training for a half marathon! It takes a lot of time and energy. Sometime I regret signing up but I know I will be happy when I finish. I think it would be fun to do some type of race after each child I have. So... 10 races! JOKING. We know we want more kids, but for now we are enjoying spending time as a family of three.

Happy Birthday,
V Girl!

We LOVE you!

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