Sunday, December 4, 2016

4 Months

You are slowly but surely growing out of 0-3 month clothes, and graduated to size 1 diapers over Thanksgiving. You had your first real laugh, not just a chuckle, and it was at DADDY! You love all things light, color, & sound. You love your feet. You like to pull them up to your mouth and suck on them. You are generally still sleeping through the night, with the occasional "newborn" night. Just to keep us on our toes haha. You love mama, and I'm not mad about it. You are putting everything in your mouth. You are drooling at all waking hours. You are so happy, squirmy and squealy. And we love you so, so much!!

I'm realizing with every stage of baby and motherhood, new challenges arise. I'm making it a goal to fully enjoy every stage. Struggling with not being able to get outside in this winter cold. The one car situation is a bummer! Struggling to exercise... ugh! I need to get back on track!!  Overall though, happy and grateful for my little family and life :)


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