Friday, December 30, 2016

Why everyone needs to stop hating on 2016

I told my husband I was writing this post as he was putting on his socks. One of the socks had a hole in it and he said, "This is a moment of despair and anguish... 2016 SUCKS!" This was all in good fun of course, but people are legitimately drawing similar conclusions. 

I know, I know... A lot of great people passed away. Maybe the presidential election didn't go your way. But COME ON, PEOPLE?! Was there really more bad than good? Even if the bad overshadowed, is that what we should focus on?


Am I right?? Good things happened! They did. Look around you. And if you honestly don't see anything, BE the good. DO SOMETHING. And I don't mean protest riot in the streets.... Portland, anyone?

Bad things are inevitably going to happen, but we can choose how to respond. 
We were not sent to earth to be grumps. 

Obviously, it's okay to cry, be sad, and grieve. Trials are a part of this life and sometimes they bring us down. All I'm saying here is I think it's a little dramatic, and also a bit unfair to the rest of 2016, to call it all bad.

Anyway, 2016 was a great year for us. We had a (ridiculously adorable, bias much?) baby, and it was arguably the best day of our married lives. We moved to Utah and Austin started new work. My brothers got married to FABULOUS women. We ended it all spending time with both of our families.

Bring on the new year! May it bring even more good times than the last!

And now here is a photo dump of the past few weeks with our family - including Russell FAMILY PICTURES!! (Thanks Danielle Cluff!)

Christmas Morning!

V was very interested in the paper, of course.


 V loved spending time with G&G Russell

So much yummy cooking and food!

 Meeting Uncle Chadd for the first time!

 Stockings at G&G Cornilles'

Cornilles Christmas card photo

Now for the Russell family photos!

Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year,

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