Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 GOALS

Some years I set goals, some years I honestly just think it's cliche and pointless, so I don't. 
Is that sad or what? 
This year I am feeling extra inspired to set some goals! 
I'm writing them down here and going to keep the blog updated with my results. 
I've divided them into a few categories: spiritual, physical, & marriage.


Study my scriptures at least 10 minutes a day.
I have picked 12 topics that I am going to study in-depth this year, one for each month. I am really excited about this! I hope to do blog posts to compile what I learned each month. January is patience/kindness, and boy do I need work on this... ha


Cliche, I know. Lose the pregnancy weight by working out at least 4 days a week and eating healthier. And try to love my body again. (Side note about that: It sounds so taboo and foreign to "love" your body. The world is constantly telling us, and selling us things that tell us, our bodies aren't good enough. It's a real problem! I can see how it affects me daily, which is so sad. I never want my daughter to feel that way, so I am shifting my thinking. I have been given the amazing gift of a healthy body. I want to love it again.)
I feel better emotionally and physically when I take care of myself. I was doing so great there for a while, so I am getting back on track!


"Whenever you open your mouth to correct your spouse, stop and formulate a compliment instead."
I came across this fantastic article about marriage and criticism that really resonated with me. Not that I feel Austin and I are at each other's throats with critiques, but I think this will really help strengthen our relationship.

Here's to 2017!!

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