Thursday, February 9, 2017

6 months

Happy Half Birthday, Little V! We were in Arizona visiting Aunt Casey and Grandma Russell on the 4th, so we didn't have a chance to do your monthly photo shoot. SOOO we did it today. In your PJs... but compensated with a large bow.

V: I feel like you have progressed so much this past month. Okay, you haven't grown any taller (eek!) but you now weigh 13 lb 12 oz. Up to the 9th percentile now! It's better than the 5th! You are rolling all over the place when I set you down. You are sitting on your own. We started sleep training you. It's a work in progress... ha. (Note to self: vacation while sleep training= bad idea.) You are eating solids everyday now. You love the veggies and still aren't too sure about most fruits. You are smiling and laughing all the time. You are still extra excited to see me or daddy in the morning or after naps. You are back to pooping multiple times a day. You love phones and screens. #momfail. You lift your legs like you want to crawl but aren't quite there yet. You don't use your binky as much anymore - more to chew on now than anything. You are still putting everything in your mouth. You are the brightest little light in our lives and we love you infinitely.

I'm about done breastfeeding. You are still feeding from me in the mornings, but the rest is formula now. Nursing has such a steep learning curve. I'll know better for next time, when we have another kid in 10 years... joking... or am I? I'm still going pretty strong on my NYs resolutions! I've slacked a little on the working out, with having company over and being out of town. Getting out of my routine is tough but I'm pushing through. January is always a hard month, but it's February now and we're happy as can be!

Bow change.

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