Tuesday, April 4, 2017

8 Months


V: You have changed SO MUCH this month. You are weighing in at 15lbs on the dot. You moved up to size two diapers this month. You are moving all over the place, and learning to master the crawl. You take a few "steps" and then roll onto your stomach like a seal. It's the best. You are eating more and more solids now. You sleep in your crib like a champ. You are a great sleeper in general (...and let's hope that never changes). You hold your bottle when you eat. You are just the cutest little thing and we LOVE you SO VERY much!

Me: I look back at pictures of Vienna and can't believe how fast she changes. I love getting to be with her everyday to watch her grow. On a more gloomy note, Austin left for Rwanda this week and it hurts my heart. We miss him like crazy and look forward to our FaceTime sessions. We're trying to stay busy! I have changed my eating habits over the past few weeks and I feel better already. I'm recommitted to work hard to lose that prego weight. I am going strong in my scripture study. I see the difference it's making in my daily life, and I love it.

LOTS of pictures this month...


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