Thursday, May 4, 2017

9 Months


V: You had your 9 month check up today. You are weighing in at 15 lb 3 oz, and 26 inches tall- still on the small side but following your own growth curve. You are a little tornado now! A master crawler that hardly ever sits still. You are loving exploring on your own, although you still don't want me or Dad to be too far away. You are pulling up and standing on anything you can reach. It's making for lots more pumps and bruises. Poor thing! You are feeding yourself finger foods. You are babbling and imitating us all the time. You are teething. Those two little buggers are coming in on the bottom. You are mostly still sleeping fine, but falling asleep has been a major struggle with the teeth issue. Socially, you have come a long way. You are smiling and waving at strangers! Every new stage comes with new struggles and joys. It's so fun to see your personality come through. We LOVE you so much, Little V.

Me: Austin was in Africa for about a month and has finally returned!!!!! It was hard having him away especially since V was learning to crawl and move. It changes your whole world when they become mobile. We went home to visit my parents in Washington. (It's still so odd to think they moved over the river to Vancouver.) We had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa, and Vienna did awesome being in a new place. In general I'm feeling really happy and at peace with our lives. Although our future is uncertain, I know we are being guided and watched over. I've discovered this podcast called "Bold New Mom." The host, Jody Moore, is a life coach (I was super turned off by that at first). To my surprise, she has some great insights on how your thoughts shape your life. It is really changing my outlook and attitude on everything. I LOVE it. Highly recommended. 

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